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Behind each post and picture

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Rustic Wedding on the Lake

Behind every Instagram picture, there’s a story; sometimes good, sometimes bad. On the day of this particular set up, there was some heavy wind gusts. We were not prepared for it. We struggled; my husband had to wrap some bricks in paper to help with the tablecloths. We had to improvise with clothespins and it took time. We almost didn’t deliver. There was sweat, luckily with no tears. There were also family members and neighbors from the bride who understood the severity of the situation and helped. This was our first big event with 130 guests. We had an ideal client and we were glad to be able to deliver what she expected. What I am trying to say is, event planning and design is not always easy but your ideal client will make the difference. Don’t be discouraged in stressful situations, just know your ideal client and pray they will find a way to you! Be the best version of yourself, work hard and tirelessly to serve in a professional manner. It will all pay in the end!

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