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Wedding: 10 Amazing Suppliers to use when DIY

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

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Weddings are such big events nowadays, you don't always know what to do and where to go. I have been in your shoes and wished I came across this post. Today, I am sharing the top 10 stores/suppliers on my list to help loosen your load. I hope it helps!

1- CV Linens

This is my go to store for everything linens, chargers plates, backdrop and more. They have a fast shipping and handling service. Make sure to plan and order accordingly.

2- Oriental Trading

Do you plan on giving favors at your wedding? Packaging is everything when it comes to favors and Oriental Trading offers just that. You can also customize them at little to no cost.

3- Posh Party Supplies

They offer a wide range of premium disposable plates, flatware and drinkware. When you want the look with no liability (broken plates, glasses etc.), premium tableware is the best option.

4- Amazon

Amazon is my to go place for almost everything. Prime shipping has a special place in my heart, when I am hit with last minutes change of plans. You can find a variety of interesting items for a wedding on Amazon from linens to favors and more. Only the sky is the limit!

5- Michaels

Are you a flower lover but can’t afford them for your wedding? Well, Michaels offers a variety of real touch flowers which can be used to make beautiful centerpieces and bouquets. You have to be creative and plan ahead. Would you believe me if I told you that I visited this place every single day with coupons, at the time of my wedding? (Insert laughs)

6- Zazzle

Zazzle has a variety of paper goods, every wedding celebration needs. From save the dates, to invitations and menus, it provides a lot of options. However, be mindful of the shipping options. Some items are exclusively designed and sold by independent sellers with limited handling and shipping options.

7- Target

This is one of my favorite everyday stores. I go to Target just to get some me time and browse the aisles. Their party section offers an array of themed items you can use for your wedding. From cake stands to garland and more, the possibilities are endless.

8- AliExpress

This one is for the frugal bride. You can find everything you need for less on AliExpress. Please note that most sellers on the website ship from Asia; it might take a while for your items to get to you. Rule of thumb: make sure to read the reviews to avoid disappointments.

9- Sam’s Club

For the romantic, Sam’s club has flower arrangements to help with your big day. Check out their fresh floral collection of pre-assembled wedding flowers. I suggest you plan ahead and have those flowers delivered two or three days before your day. You can keep the flowers in salty water to keep them fresh.

10- Dollar Tree

Saving the best for last! Dollar Tree has everything and when I say everything, I mean it. From hurricane vases to put pillar or floating candles to fake flowers, plates etc. when on a budget, this place is for you. Their online store has countless items (chargers plates and more), so get to shopping!

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns at , I will be happy to help! Let me know how it turns out, even better send us some pictures.

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